How to find the best online poker rooms

How to find the best online poker rooms

Once there was a time when winning poker in online poker room was quite doable. You can simply learn some basic concepts, log into almost any poker website and use the terrible mistakes made by most of your opponents to make huge profits.

At present, it is important to play on the right websites and the right games where there is some advantage for you. This article focuses on various things that you should pay attention to when searching for a suitable poker website for yourself, where you can win money.

What to look for when choosing a poker room?

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Play on a trusted website

The first thing you will pay attention to when choosing a site or poker room is the quality of the games. You naturally don’t want to visit a site that offer lower level games, with more fish and fewer regular players (regs) at the table. This is much easier said than done in today’s poker climate, but there are quite a few sites, especially on small ones, where there will be very profitable games.

Don’t stick to big names

Whether we are talking about poker Cash Games or SNG, you probably want to avoid poker room on the mega networks, such as Microgaming and iPoker Playtech. The reason is simple: in each table there will be at least three regular players (except for those who use HUD or head up display) who understands the game at a high level, and probably uses placement scripts and other software. Your chances of winning are less.

Know about other players

If we talk about the quality of the game, than on individual poker rooms or websites, as a rule, the weakest games are those with fewer regular players (or pro) and more fishes, and you probably have to find suitable games for yourself on such sites.

Play multiplayer games

It is quite natural that regular poker players want multiplayer game and we fully understand this need. In the end, poker winnings can hardly be high enough to justify playing on only one or two tables, which is why all regs in cash games and SNGs tend to play on many tables, often more than 10 and almost always at least 4.

Spread your bankroll across various poker rooms

Some of the smaller poker rooms that offer low quality games usually have fewer tables than large network. However, it is much better to spread your bankroll across several small poker rooms and play good games than to stick to one website whose games are completely dead in the hope of getting a little rakeback.

Look for website charges like rake

The next thing you need to pay attention to is the structure of the rake. Each online poker room provider offers different rake structure and you need to be careful that all your winnings are not raked, as this can easily happen.

It is important to look globally. This means that you need to look not only at the rake, but also at the rakeback, promotions, leader boards and any other ways you can use to get part of your rake.

For example, it is much better to play on a site that charges 10% rake, but gives you 70% return, than on a site that charges 5%, but does not offer a return.

The structure of the rake and rakeback in combination with the expected win in the game will be the formula of a reliable poker room selection.

Main complaints about online poker rooms

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Some common complaints you will hear from poker players are that they found a place where there is a lot of fish in the table, unreasonable plans for rake and rakeback, fewer number of tables and the software is absolutely vicious.

This happens with poker room of small websites, as they are usually either stand-alone applications developed by small groups, or parts of small network. These sites do not have much money to pay for developing powerful software such as PokerStars or 888 Poker.

These second-rate poker applications are often full of glitches, very slow and not intuitive. A huge number of nerves that you lose, trying to right-click or see the numbers on the screen may not worth it.

Moreover, do you really want to give your money into the hands of a site that can hardly afford to create a semi-decent application? The choice is yours, and if you want to go all the way after these guppies do not say that I did not warn you.

So which is the best place to play online games?

Well, actually the question does not have a single answer. If you are a game addict or a pro, you will probably be better off in a large network with a good rakeback plan.

If, on the other hand, you are the one who likes to analyze your opponents and try to use their small errors one by one, then the safest option would be to choose small poker rooms with weaker opponent.

Always remember to study your poker website (or service providers) before playing with them, as the gaming industry is full of deceitful people and companies. I wish you to play safe and invest your money in a website that has always been honest with its players.

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